I embarked on my fascinating journey of Energy Healing with renowned Australian teacher Eric Dowsett. This process of clearing stagnant energy within people and environments is based upon his understanding of the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and non-attachment. Ultimately, this energy healing approach is meant to restore greater awareness, balance and harmony through what Eric calls “a passive but powerful approach” which reflects the perspective of BE-ing rather than DO-ing. Simply yet profoundly, the act of holding an open and compassionate heart when we are in the presence of others or within an environment has amazing and transformative properties.

Personal Energy Clearing

When we experience stagnation in the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual realms of our lives, this diminishes our enjoyment of good health, loving relationships, job success and overall positive well-being. Our past conditioning, genetic inheritance, subtle energies within and around us as well as past life occurrences we bring into this life all influence or distort our perceptions of who we are.

Personal energy clearing can remove our fundamental erroneous judgments, attitudes and beliefs which may be causing negative internal blocks, physical illnesses or mental health challenges, healing them at a deep cellular level. This allows us to be more present and accepting of our thoughts, emotions and experiences, thus creating a more open-hearted and compassion-filled life for ourselves and others.

Environmental Energy Clearing

When we live in a stressful environment, our health, prosperity and overall well-being will likely be detrimentally affected. Not only will those annoying piles of clutter on our counters, desks or in our closets impact our energy, but even moreso there are subtle yet potent energetic disturbances which could cause us to feel distressed in our home or workplace. These adverse environmental stressors can come from technology such as computers and cell phones, microwaves, electrical panels, outdoor power lines, negative residual energy from past residents or home builders, as well as disturbing earth energies from such factors as geological fault lines and underground water sources.

The healing process begins by locating and releasing the source of environmental stress using a variety of clearing methods. Then, balancing the energy or “Chi flow” within, around and beneath the home can create a more energetically balanced and harmonious environment in which to live, love and prosper. This environmental clearing can take place by my coming to your residence or workplace, or may be conducted remotely.

"Now and again the world knows we need help and sends us an angel. You are that angel ! I appreciate your caring help so much. It was just what I needed to get going in the right direction. Your insights were right on!" 

~ R.B., Bellevue

"After your consultation, I felt a burden taken off me, like something lifted. The energy shift was amazing!" 

~ B.B., Seattle

"Our home felt so stagnant, as if we couldn't fully breathe. The power lines outside always bothered us, and the basement always felt like it contained a dark presence. After you came here to do your energy clearing 'magic', our home now feels so much more open and full of life! We are sleeping better and our health has improved, with no more migraines. Even our cats seem happier! You are very talented and have such a gracious presence. We would recommend your services to anyone who wants more vitality for themselves and their home!" 

~ S.D. & M.B., Whidbey Island